January 25, 2021

Harman stove

"Very intelligent owner in many ways. Bought a Harman pellet stove model p43. Purchased in October 2020. SO FAR best investment I've made in long time. Consistent 75 degree heat. All day and night long for 1 bag of pellets"
December 2, 2016

"About 7 years ago we had attic and walls insulated. I can remember at the time that Tom was very easy to work with and my impression was that they had done quality work. And just recently, we got confirmation that going with Tom's Energy Shop had been the great decision. We recently had a home energy audit that included thermal image scanning of our interior walls. The technician showed me that all of our walls were filled with insulation, top to bottom, and also that very little settling had occurred over the past 7 years. According to the technician, a lot of homeowners get unpleasantly surprised when they find their insulation contractor didn't do a complete and thorough job. So it really was a relief to be able to see for myself that Tom had done quality work for us, throughout the house. Great job!"